Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Blogs are a funny thing.  You can put as much information on them as you would like and share it with the world.  You can also start and stop and start and stop.  I have stopped for a while, but I hope to get back to posting about our fun life.  This last school year has been busy and fun and busy.  I might try to catch up, but I'll probably just move forward.  Our latest endeavor has been to remodel the kitchen.  Yes, a complete overhaul.  Wow was it more than we bargained for, literally.  We are, however, very happy with the results!  Take a look at the transformation...

Kitchen Remodel for the Winans, enjoy the photos
Entry into the house from the front door

View into the kitchen

Pantry wall
View from eat in area
Everything Out!!!

New floor in!

Base Cabinets

Counter Tops, YIPPEE

Another view
The Pantry it
Entry, what a difference in color
View from living room
Love my sink and faucet!!
View into the kitchen...waiting on stools.


Denise said...

What a great transformation! Doesn't that make you feel good? So pretty...

Chaunda and Jeremy said...

You did such a great job! Love it!

Jeanette said...

How totally awesome! Enjoy making lots of yummy things in a very stylin' space!

Unknown said...

It’s such a chic idea to install wall tiles in your kitchen. Are those small tiles? It must have taken a lot of work to lay them all down. It’s amazing that you were able to put it all together precisely. And the pantry wall with two fridges looks very functional. Great job!

-.Darryl Margulies

Unknown said...

Your kitchen is quite unique. Why? Well, because your sink is not installed in the chopper block. I think that’s a brilliant idea. That way, you can have enough space for your ingredients and equipment when you are preparing a meal. I love the uniform accent of your kitchen, btw.

>Keaton Oakes

Unknown said...

The new kitchen looks totally amazing! I like how the color of the cabinets complements beautifully with the backsplash. It must’ve been a challenging task to install those small tiles in place. Your hard work paid off with how it turned out. Well done, guys! +Camille Edington